Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gorgeous Wallpapers

I have died and gone to heaven. By heaven, I of course mean, the cirtual land of practically every colour and style of wallpaper, there at my fingertips day or night. Here I am at

Check out all these gorgeous designs which are 'maybes' for Lyly and I to pick for our possible 2 bedrooms in France. We want to paper one wall (the feature wall) in what will be our bedroom and the craft room/study/guest room. Due to renting, we are stuck with the floor, which is burgandy. That is better than the walls, see my previous blog post!

There is no way I can tell what these look like from those silly little swatches. Newsflash, they show pctures of whole rooms decorated in the paper and also you can order FREE samples. Sold!

I love this site. So, now we have more than 2 wallpapers to choose form for the 2 bedrooms, we want to move on to the living room. Our furniture
is black and red. Yes, eighties I know, but in a stylish and funky way. Let's see what crops up here then.

We love the ones wih red flowers. On a whole wall, they look incredible!

I have never been so excited to conjure up images of wallpaper pasting tables, mess everywhere and a square scalf around my head and dungarees below whilst creating our first French home together. I do imagine a certain Mr T will be participating, no dount with his head in a bucket of paste or paint!