Thursday, 22 July 2010

High street to Chanel - Leather Jacket

I have decided this year, to induldge ina little...oh yes, Chanel. However, I am far too poor to afford the real thing and would never condone fake or copies. Therefore, House of Sam is planning to create her own one off pieces to follow this trend:

Good idea in theory, we will see in practice.

I am off course talking about the collar not the hideous bottom fringe or gross trousers!

Wish me luck.


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mountain Ridge : Bob Ross - Joy of Painting

I found a Bob Ross Video to do, finally. They are so hard to find.

I have decided to invest in some liquid white to wet the canvas and will get some oil paints soon. Keep an eye out for my creation.

Part 1

Monday, 10 May 2010

Charity Climb: Kilimanjaro

If you want to help make a difference, please can you follow this blog using your Facebook, Twitter or Google/Blogger (Youtube) Account and help join in the support for the girls climbing Kilimanjaro in 2011.

A snippet from the boot sale update:

We had our Naomi House posters up and had told him all the money raised was going to charity so he knew what we were about. Anyway, later on, Linz (my other half) was wandering around and found same round chap on his own stall selling the DVDs he'd just bought from us for £1 each!!!! The bloomin' cheek of it! Well, Linz came back and mentioned it and Justine marched straight over and ripped a strip off him! Good for her, some people are unbelievable!

All very funny stuff and all for a good cause.

Thanks a million.


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Art for France

I have also found these rather lovely art canvases that could compliment our walls! How splendid to take England with you.

J'ai aussi trouvé ces toiles d'art plutôt jolie qui pourraient compléter nos murs! Comment splendide de prendre avec vous en Angleterre.

I also am rather in love with these flowers, simple but chic.

Moi aussi je suis plutôt dans l'amour avec ces fleurs, simple mais chic.

Lyly adores these cute Home Sweet Home picures. It will be her first Frnehc home and i think she would love to have this.

Lyly adore ces mignons Home Sweet Home picures. Ce sera sa première maison Frnehc et je pense qu'elle aimerait avoir ce.

Gorgeous Wallpapers

I have died and gone to heaven. By heaven, I of course mean, the cirtual land of practically every colour and style of wallpaper, there at my fingertips day or night. Here I am at

Check out all these gorgeous designs which are 'maybes' for Lyly and I to pick for our possible 2 bedrooms in France. We want to paper one wall (the feature wall) in what will be our bedroom and the craft room/study/guest room. Due to renting, we are stuck with the floor, which is burgandy. That is better than the walls, see my previous blog post!

There is no way I can tell what these look like from those silly little swatches. Newsflash, they show pctures of whole rooms decorated in the paper and also you can order FREE samples. Sold!

I love this site. So, now we have more than 2 wallpapers to choose form for the 2 bedrooms, we want to move on to the living room. Our furniture
is black and red. Yes, eighties I know, but in a stylish and funky way. Let's see what crops up here then.

We love the ones wih red flowers. On a whole wall, they look incredible!

I have never been so excited to conjure up images of wallpaper pasting tables, mess everywhere and a square scalf around my head and dungarees below whilst creating our first French home together. I do imagine a certain Mr T will be participating, no dount with his head in a bucket of paste or paint!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

French Living: The Move to France

After beginning a search for a new home in France, I have discovered the French do not do kitchens. What the hell is that about? I mean who can chop onions, cook a full English breakfast or even attempt a roast dinner, or even steak frites for that matter in a kitchen that has just a sink. Yes, just a sink.

However, on a better note for just 520€ you can get a rather large appartment in Rouen with 2 bedrooms and alot of nice traditional French windows. I have found a place that I could really see myself living in. It has, wait for it. A KITCHEN. A real one.

I never knew seeing a fully equiped kitchen could make me shout, "Love it".
Now, on to some more positive things about French places. They have lots of long, windows that make the rooms very light. Something we seem to not do in England. If you see a French window in England you yell "Love it" as apposed to the taken for granted kitchens. Alot of the places have these gorgeous windows and it just makes me smile to imagine having my croissant and coffee on a summer morning somewhere like this.

I was sold on the kitchen, no more references to kitchens, I swear, the wonderful séjour (living room) and then proceeded to the bedrooms. Quelle horreur!!

Oh my heavenly days. Time to visit homebase get some paint and wallpaper samples! Speaking of which, I must do a post on gorgeous wallpapers.

The sizes of the rooms are perfect and are not putting me off this place. I feel happier than ever to be moving to France and I am desperate to get my hands on a few paint brushes and wallpaper paste to put up something to stamp the place as ours.One last thing, the French do provide on some listings layouts and in 3D too. This is something you never see in England.
This makes it 2-1 to France.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Check out this adorable Lady and the Tramp T Shirt on sale at New Look!

I ordered this today, smack hand! But I did also find a gorgeous top for someone else which I will not post as it is a surprise!

,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸Happy Shopping days-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸