Thursday, 9 July 2009

Things I am loving in July!


I will begin by telling you I have sold my Acer 5720 laptop to my Mum who wants to get into Photoshop and be able to surf the net and talk to friends overseas on Skype using video calling! Wow! That is a big deal for Mummy, although she does not know about it just yet. She knows she is buying the laptop you must understand, but, does not know I am loading Skype and hooking her up to a mystery person in the US of A! So that will be fun.

The exciting thing is I have a new Acer 7730 on it's way to me :) I simply can not wait and I found this super cute theme for Firefox which I will be downloading to browse the net as I hate Explorer! Marioland!!!!!!!!

By the way, the website about is Toffee Blog, the comings and goings of one super cute little Yorktese. See it here:


Also, what about this! There are, wait for it, 13 Michael Jackson singles in the UK Top 40. The Music legend is a third of the UK Top 40! OMG!

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My girlfriend made a dessert that is a "I don't know if I love it or hate it" Chocolate and Pear Tarte. I will post the recipe later and wondered if someone else wanted to make it and let me know their thoughts, we simply can't decide!

Weird Ideas

Do you have a coffee or tea when working that is too hot to drink, then you get engrossed and remember it is there and it is then too cold. You drink it, being too lazy to make another and probably waste a lot of half cups of tea at work every day, equating to quite a few gallons in a year, never mind the energy wasted in making them, washing the cups up and the water wasted!

So I had an idea...a cup that you buy with a temperature setting that you choose the first time you use it so it is bespoke to each user. For example you drink the tea and if the temperature is perfect you press a button on the cup. From then on when the mug reaches that temperature it plays a few beeps to let you know the drink is your perfect temperature!

Genuis aint it? So I am not sure how a battery operated thermometer beeping device would be made or work in a dishwasher, perhaps the cup could fit in the holder and the cup comes out to wash...ah ha! So I might work on this and make a fool of myself on Dragon's Den in the near this space!

But no, after some research I found this on the market already! My dreams are shattered....

Oh well back to work until another idea pops in my head that may make me millionaire by this time next years Rodders!