Sunday, 12 July 2009

Am I Bothered?

So, wondering how Toffee would cope with the train, waiting in Victoria, changing for Battersea and generally dealing with loads of people, I was shocked!

He just looked at a few pigeons and wondered whether to be scared or chase them. At Battersea he just brought down his ears as the big buses rode past! At Battersea Park he did not know what smell to follow and loved it!

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Anonymous said...

Now - did he favour his English Mum or French one. Did he make a beeline for the cheese stall or the hamburger stand ?

Inspiration_Seeker said...

We were both up and down in Victoria so he favoured whoever would sit and cuddle him! When I made a mad dash to the Sainsburys local, running across the busy road by the Billy Elliot Threatre, he was safe on Mummy Lyly's lap!

When Lyly made a dash to the ladies, he was with me.

He was not bothered at all, it's amazing really since we have only had him about 11 days!