Sunday, 11 October 2009

Calamity Jane

So Mother called me to say my favourite film was on.
Calamity Jane with the wonderful Doris Day! I was so excited and as I now watch it, i am reminiscing of things I used to sing along or do when watching this as a kid.

Starting with the song that Bill Hikock and Calamity sing when he taunts her about getting Adelaide Adamms to Deadwood...

On the above clip I would ask what she was saying...asking my Mother "what's that bit she says...I've got the 'durisdict' something to be wherever you aint?"

It transpires it is as follows:

"I've got the darnest itch in me, to be wherever you aint!"

Mother might remember all of a sudden alot of salt being used up and somehow ending up on the kitchen floor! Check out 1.17 on the above clip!

I used to clean my room singing this silly I am to share that!

Well, I am going to get on with watching Calamity Jane and hope you all get to see it!


Mum said...

Glad you enjoyed it - yes, for the first time in years the kitchen floor is salt free after this film has aired ! Now all I have to do next time you are ill is remind you to watch 'Father Goose' - Qu'est-ce que warts ?