Friday, 14 August 2009


Part of the project DayZero

Start Date: Friday 14th August 2009

Finish Date: Friday 11th May 2012

If it is like this, it is in progress

If it is like this it is done

If it is like this, I have not begun!

  1. Create a 101 list and post it online

Self Improvement

  1. Do not swear for the duration of this task!
  2. Get a new job.
  3. Be in my third successful year of my Degree.
  4. Do a jigsaw puzzle alone.
  5. Update my calendar and do not forget things!
  6. Stop arguing back.
  7. Stop saying like in most sentences
  8. Develop a posh radio 4 lady voice.


  1. Lose a stone in weight.
  2. Join the gym.
  3. Get my toned stomach back.
  4. Become a runner.

Something new

  1. Get a good camera and learn to take a professional photo.
  2. Learn to ride a horse.
  3. Learn to snowboard.
  4. Test a MAC with an open mind.
  5. Learn to surf.
  6. Ski down a red piste without fear.
  7. Buy a tent.
  8. Learn to count to 20 in a random language.

Get Organized!

  1. Scan and upload all non digital photos.
  2. Organize and tag my massive duplicated mess of photos.
  3. Create a brand new CV from scratch.
  4. Adopt the numbers based schedule. Pluginid
  5. Organize all my music and label songs; add genres etc so my MP3 player can create mood lists!

Something for others

  1. Give something to someone who needs it more than I do.
  2. Do a sponsored event for charity.
  3. Throw a 90th birthday party for Nan in June 2010.
  4. Make a scrapbook wall hanging for Aurelie.
  5. Take Mum to Florida to see Joan.
  6. Take Dad to Bordeaux.


  1. Get my second tattoo.
  2. Move nearer to Ebbsfleet.
  3. Grow my hair to the mole in the middle of my back, thus covering it!
  4. Abolish the dry patch on my thumb that has tortured me for a year.
  5. Give myself a pedicure every week.
  6. Create a family tree online.
  7. Change my hair colour.
  8. *personal*
  9. Get my teeth whitened.


  1. Go to Egypt.
  2. Go to the Peak District.
  3. Visit a French Chateau.
  4. Book a trip to the Inca Trail in Peru.
  5. Go to Monets Garden.
  6. Go to the Maldives.
  7. Go back to Dartmoor with Toffee and Lyly.
  8. Go to Scotland.
  9. Go to Italy.
  10. Go to New York.
  11. Go to Lands End.


  1. Do a parachute jump.
  2. Fly a kite.
  3. Go to Alton Towers.
  4. Go white water rafting.
  5. Go snorkeling.
  6. Swim with dolphins in Florida. (I regret not doing that last time!)
  7. Do a black tree walking course in France.
  8. Camp somewhere overnight.
  9. Take a last minute weekend break in another country.


  1. Publish a cook book.
  2. Eat at least 5 fruit and vegetables every day.
  3. Stop taking sugar in tea and coffee.
  4. Eat 10 things I have never tried before.
  5. Make every recipe from one cook book.
  6. Go vegetarian for a month.

Daily Events

  1. Wear my glasses everyday. (0/1001)
  2. Take a photo that represents everyday. (0/1001)
  3. Learn a new word every day. Wordsmith (0/1001)
  4. Update my Blog every single day without fail. (0/1001)

Weekly Events

  1. Design 10 avatars and 3 wallpapers on Photoshop a week. (0/143)

Out of 10, 100, 100,000 etc

  1. Beat Lyly at Chess at least 10 times. (0/10)
  2. Read 101 books. (0/101)
  3. Learn at least 100 Latin phrases/words that may be useful in language. (0/100)
  4. Donate 100,000 grains of rice. FreeRice (0/100,000)
  5. Meet up with 3 old friends I have not seen in at least 2 years (0/3)
  6. Write a letter, not an email, to my cousins in America once a month. (0/33)


  1. Go to a scrapbook meeting.
  2. Blitz my office and tidy the hell out of it!
  3. Get a new car.
  4. Sell anything I have not used in the next 1001 days on Ebay!
  5. Paint an oil painting.
  6. Make my own Blackberry Theme.
  7. Make Blackberry Jam.
  8. Grow my own vegetables.
  9. Go see Wicked the show.
  10. Get some kind of tan/colour so I do not blend in against a white wall!
  11. Reduce my shoe, bag and clothing collection.
  12. Do a water colour painting.
  13. Write a childrens book.
  14. Win a competition.
  15. Complete Kingdom Hearts 2 on PS2.
  16. Design and make a piece of clothing.
  17. Clear out my makeup once and for all.
  18. Join a book club.
  19. Watch War & Remembrance.
  20. Find a new TV show to get into that starts in 2009 and be a fan by 2011.
  21. Get a professional massage.

100.Find a new holiday bracelet.


101. Make a new list on the 1001st day.


Mum said...

You did number 52 - when you were seven !