Sunday, 28 June 2009

Happy Birthday Aurelie!

Today was the birthday dinner for Aurelie and we had a lovely day. The guests of homour were:

  1. Catherine
  2. Arnaud
  3. Bastien
  4. Josette
  5. Claudine
  6. Gerard
  7. Isabelle
  8. Stefan
  9. Theo
  10. Marine
  11. Steph
  12. Matthieu
  13. Amandine
  14. Me
  15. and the puppy Builly of course.
How do you fit 15 people and a pupy for dinner? Alreasco style of course.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner menu of the following:

Canapes and nibbles (small french bread with toppings of fish)
Verine de poisson (small glass with layers of fish, avacado and creme fraiche)
Fruit de mer plat (King prawns, shrimps, crab stick, smoked salmon with salad)

Salade (Lettuce with olive oil and balsamic vinegar)
Melted Camenbert (Dip the bread in, Mmmmm

Gateaux de Nectarine (as it sounds)

After dinner, the younger generations enjoyed a game of Jungle Speed!

Needless to say the diet is not going that well, although I will post that separately!